"When the sun Sets It's Nightfall"


Creator & Director of Nightfall Miami For Female Vocalists
"NIGHTFALL MIAMI" - Female Singing Career Builder

January 2008 – Present (10 years 4 months)

"Live Performance" & "Vocal Training" for "FEMALE VOCALIST(S)" who are looking towards a "Singing" Career. If it's to prepare for a Competition - X-Factor / Amer.Idol / Duets / America's Got Talent or a Local Event - You MUST Have "Stage Experience" to Carry With You - Nightfall Miami Provides That Opportunity - No Contracts/No Fees - Payscale is $25-$100/Hr. Depending on Venue - Visit www.Nigjtfallmiami.com for Add'l Info. Auditions Open 7 Days - Age Groups From 15 to 19 W/Adult - 20 & Up - Brush Up On Your Skills That Have Become Rusty to Get Back Out There !.... " We Train you for 

Creator & Director of Nightfall Miami For Female Vocalists
"NIGHTFALL MIAMI" - Female Singing Career Builder



-Nickname: "La Torre"

"I am a very animated girl,, you will see that on stage, clearly a performer.
I love so many talented artists and all for different vocal reasons, but my absolute favorite is the un equalized Latin Ballad singer "Luismi" Luis Miguel, 
and others would be, Olga Tanon, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey and I can't leave out Selena.

I have always loved to sing, no one really inspired me I guess, but Whitney Houston blew me away back in the 80's when she came out, I was 17 years old! My mom found her to look similar to me and she would call me whitney, everytime she saw her on tv. 

I am such a unique blend of rock, pop and a lil soul and latin influences. I think I'm a mutt vocally! That does'nt sound to hot! huh? LOL You take a listen..
As long as I could speak, but unfortunatley the pure terror of singing infront of people kept me from doing it for basically all my life. I would sing for family, close friends, parties and events, but not "THE REAL PUBLIC" (NON FAM) A whole life transformation had to happen for me to feel confident to sing. it' still scares the crap outta me, don't tell Dan! haha
Rock Pop the best that goes with my voice. but my range, I believe is wide."



Michael Wollman Percussionist extraordinaire.

 "I  have  played Percussions (Drums) with various bands, charity events etc. over the years.

I have embraced different kinds of styles of music genres, in order to grow as a musician and a person.

Being on the stage is the core aspects of my life. It is what  keeps me spiritually balanced, and it's always an honor to share it with all of you.  I feel grateful and blessed each and everytime I perform."

-Nickname: "Nelly"

"My favorite artists are, Christina Aguilera, Amy Lee, and Lady Gaga.
Lady Gaga Inspired me to play the piano and then later her voice drew me in. I'm very inspired by Gagas artistry in music and inspirations, like "You should always be yourself." but I found inspiration in Christina Aguilera voice and found that vocally we were at the same range.
I've been told that I have a mix of Adelle and Christina Aguilera tones. A jazzy alto sound, I think describes it.
I have been singing since middle school."
I prefer soul / jazz / R & B, but everything is fun  :)



​Let Nightfall Miami take you on a journey through the most popular decades of music, The 60's, 70's, 80's and  today, with our unique blend of live instruments and  Virtual Orchestra. Featuring All Lead Vocalists.